Back Seat Redemption Band Members

Founded in 2011, Back Seat Redemption is an original hard rock band from the Greater Boston Area. In 2016, the group’s three Northeasterly founders Conrad (center left), Cozzy (far left) & Dave (far right) went in search for a new lead singer, only to happen upon the Mid-Westerner, Clark, who also happened to be searching for a band. It seemed serendipity’s hand was at play and together the powerful foursome combine to deliver a genuine rock sound reminiscent of the greats you love rocking out to.

They are being described as, “a band that brings a touch of classic, theatrical rock and roll to much more distorted, grunge or hard rock environment. The music is thick, it progresses in a heavy and intense way, the leading voice though has a much more accessible tone and sense of character than you might ordinarily expect.”