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Back Seat Redemption Band Members

Finding time for dreams and passions is hard. If you are young and unencumbered you might not understand this concept quite yet, but if you are like us, however, and find yourself day dreaming about what you really want to be doing because you aren’t able to currently live it then you know that sometimes dreams and passions have to take a back seat to everything else.

It sucks. I get it. I really do.

At the end of 2016, before I (center right) found the band, I almost sold all of my gear and hung up my guitar because life had thrown so much at me between 2014 and then that I thought it would just be easier to turn the dream off. Between being the sole provider for my family of three, being a new father, grief from the passing of my mom, and a demanding nine to five (that represents the antithesis of who I am) I guess it’s not much of a surprise that the dream of sharing my music with the world, at that time, was feeling more and more unattainable.

Dave (far right), our drummer, owns a general contracting company and is so busy he is booked solid two to three years out. He doesn’t sit back and chill in a office with A/C, however, while his crew works  away. No. He leads by example and is on site every single day doing the exact same work he hired his crew for. Why? Because he is a man who knows that his priority is to provide for his family even though he’d rather be hammering the drums than nails.

Conrad (center left), who is a self-taught guitarist from age eleven, took a chance leaving the “security” of a nine-to-five a few years back to start up his own company hunting heads in the general contracting industry. If he doesn’t place talent he doesn’t get paid so when it comes to time spent writing music versus time spent hunting heads…well…the choice is pretty clear. His family of four depends on him to make ends meet and he doesn’t shy away from the task even though his fingers would probably rather be dancing along the neck of his Gibson.

And then there is Cozzy (far left) who is our token, eligible bachelor, but he too answers to “The Man” and gets up at 4:30am everyday to work as an electrician on whatever site the Union tells him to be on. Yeah he makes good money, and being part of a Union has its benefits, but the work is demanding and tedious and really, for him, its almost like Groundhog Day except there’s no Bill Murray on site to keep things comedic.

So like I said. We get it.

The amazing thing is, however, if you can find a way to carve out some time for a passion or dream, even an hour here and there to keep it alive, you never know what can happen. The guys and I only get to meet once a week on Wednesday nights for two hours. Out of one hundred and sixty eight hours in a week two hours is not a lot of time, but somehow we make it work and that’s how our first EP came about at the end of 2017. Conrad’s music, his words, my music, my words, our truths, our passions, the bands creativity—these all came together because we gave them a chance even if only two hours at a time.

Writing music and playing rock fills my soul and I know it is the same for the other guys, but the best part is that we get to share what we love with YOU, the listener, who makes it all worth while.

So if you would like to hear the results of the time we carved out for our music, click here to listen to our most recent EP, ‘Edge Of Tomorrow: Vol. I’.

Thanks for being a listener and making it all matter.

Talk soon,



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