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Live at Hard Rock Cafe

It’s hard being in a rock band and, honestly, some times its just downright disheartening. Of course I don’t mean actually being in the band—that’s a blast and we all feel right at home on stage and writing music together—but it’s the, “When is someone actually going to listen?” side of it that is really hard.

That was exactly the case at one of our more recent gigs where those who promised they would show didn’t and we found ourselves playing for a sparse crowd. It was the midnight slot too which didn’t help our cause—not too mention Conrad and I both have toddlers and we knew they were never going to let us sleep in—but the show must go on and as true musicians we took the stage and rocked it tight and heavy. It does not matter if it is fifteen or a hundred people, Back Seat Redemption will always give 100%.

Thankfully someone was listening and it’s new fans like this that keep the dream alive and ultimately make it ALL worthwhile. Here is what this particular fan was kind enough to share a few days after on their social media feed (name excluded of course because we like to respect our fans’ privacy):

So I went to see my buddy’s band play the other night, and they were great of course. When the show ended everyone left and I was finishing my beer and was gonna head out. Instead the next band Back Seat Redemption started. And they were goooood! The lead singer Clark Webb was like Layne Staley and Brandon Boyd had a hipster baby and I mean that in a very, very good way. The band was tight. The sound had me thinking Alice in Chains one minute, dirty punk the next. You guys know I don’t fuck around when it comes to music. I am a fan and hope you will be too! Like and follow their page, let’s get these guys some support! I look forward to seeing them play out again soon so you know I’ll be dragging some of your asses with me!

This excitement and this belief in us is why we as a band do what we do. If the flame is out under our asses it’s this type of fan that reignites it and pushes us to keep showing up and to keep writing great original rock music.

So if you want to experience what this fan discovered and haven’t already had the chance make sure you purchase Edge Of Tomorrow: Vol. I and join the movement that is Back Seat Redemption.

Without you we would not exist and WITH YOU our music can reach the world one fan at a time.

Thanks so much for the support and talk to you soon,



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